Starting now in my quest to reduce the heating bill

When the two of us moved up north, it was just temporary or so I was told.

So I wanted to be supportive of my fiance’s job as she was in line for a big promotion. The method of moving from the south, where the Winter time is so fantastic that the two of us hardly even turn on the heat pump for heating, wasn’t lovely. I’ve spent my whole life with that sort of Winter time so I wasn’t at all eager to change that up. Besides, my fiance said that it would be a couple of years if that before she turned that regional office around. Then, the two of us could come back home & she would go back to toil inside the zone controlled Heating, Ventilation, & A/C of the corporate offices she left. But this time, it’d be in an executive capacity. All she had to do was repair the regional office up north. Well, this will be our sixth Winter time coming up. I haven’t heard a word about us going home anytime soon so I know that I’m in this for a while. It starts getting cold in mid September so I’m starting now with Winter time prep. This is something I hadn’t done prior because this was all supposed to be so temporary. Thankfully, I have fantastic neighbors who have easily helped myself and others figure out a lot of things that I had no method about. I’m starting from top to bottom in an effort to seal the home up super tight. That means more insulation & sealing off the perimeter of the attic. Then, I’m replacing storm doors & checking to be sure that all the window are properly insulated. I’m in wonderful hands & I method to save a wonderful deal of money on Heating, Ventilation, & A/C heating this winter.

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