Disappointed about the HVAC in the gym

There is a lot that people way out in rural areas have to do without.

Of course, we have all the stuff like grocery stores, gas stations and HVAC companies.

But we had to wait a really long time to get a gym. There was a sort of fitness club in the region but it was way, way out of my price league. Then, a shopping strip mall went up just on the south side of town. And the rumor was that there was going to be a gym in there. Sure enough, a gym had finally come to town and I was one of the first in line to sign up. I wanted to get out of the quality heating and air of my house to workout. There was just something about going to an actual gym with real machines that beat the tar out of my weight bench and a few dumbbells. I was so excited to be getting out of the basement with no air conditioning to do a real workout in a real gym. I’d waited a long time for that. But I really might have just stayed in the basement because the commercial HVAC in that gym just wasn’t getting it done. The first few times, I thought it was just an aberration or maybe there was some sort of adjustment or breaking in phase. But when I inquired with the staff, they told me that this was what I could expect going forward when it came to the HVAC cooling. So that’s where it stands and it’s hot in there in July. Looking on the bright side, there won’t be much need for HVAC heating come winter.

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