I helped my son get an a/c

When my son moved out on his own he was having a lot of problems with this heating and cooling system.

He had been living in an apartment for a while but he had finally saved up enough money to buy his own house and he and his fiance were moving in there.

I was really proud of him and his accomplishments and I wanted to help him out. He’d been telling me recently that he had been having a lot of problems with his air conditioning system. His AC was not working properly and despite having a HVAC worker coming out and doing some tune up and some repairs on it it was still not functioning correctly after three separate Heating and acquaintances. Eventually, he found another heating and AC technician and this one told him that it was going to need a plethora of repairs in order to get it working again. Unfortunately, he moved into a house that had a really old and crappy HVAC system and he didn’t have the funds to be able to repair it. That is where I came in, I knew I’d be able to help him and so I loaned him the money to help him get a brand new air conditioning system. We went shopping for air conditioners together and it was a really fun experience. It was great to spend time with them and I was so happy that he would have his AC again.


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