Surprising my boyfriend with a space heater

My boyfriend works as a local heating and cooling technician and he’s been telling me on and off about how much he really wants a brand new space heater.

This has been because our old space heater has not been working as well as it should be, it has problems with frequently breaking down and sometimes not even heating the home at all.

Play for us, all the heating and AC companies in our area do not charge very much money for a brand new space heater. My boyfriend works in the heating and ac industry and so I figured he would try to fix it, however he told me it was best to just replace it since it would probably need multiple repairs and fixing it would cost more than just replacing it. So he went down to his local heating and AC company that he works for and purchased a brand new space heater from them. I was so happy when I saw the brand new space heater, but surprise surprise we had another streak of bad luck. This space heater stopped working too! We only had it for one day and that was fried. At that point my boyfriend had given up but I hadn’t, I went online to do some research and purchased one of the best rated space heaters available, then I surprised him with it. It’s a great gift for him and it turned out that the space heater works perfectly.

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