Why I chose a smart thermostat

I have some friends of mine that still use old thermostats and as a result of this they asked me a lot of questions and I told them that I upgraded to a Smart thermostat.

  • At first, they didn’t really see the reason for updating to a brand new thermostat.

I mean if what they had was working, why should they replace it? As the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I’m bored with so many new questions about the brand new thermostat and asked me if I thought they should upgrade too. That was a hard question to answer because it really depended on their individual situation but I told them what I thought was a brand new smart thermostat based on my experiences. So for starters, I really love my smart thermostat because of the freedom that it allows me to have and the money it saves me. No more do I have to worry about getting off to change the thermostat, as long as I have my phone by me and I almost always do, but all I have to do is open up the app in my smartphone and adjust the thermostat as I see fit. I’ve also started leaving my air conditioning and heater off whenever I’m not home. You would not believe how much this has saved me each month. It also creates the perfect indoor climate control. I’m going to explain this to my friends. A lot of them were convinced to run out and buy one themselves and how could they not? Smart thermostats are great!

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