BBQ and AC

I couldn’t know it when I had friends plus family set me up for an intervention.

I thought it was just going to be a regular BBQ at our brother’s beach house plus a lot of weird people were invited. I just wanted to savor some enjoyable food. My brother cooks some mean BBQ chicken plus it’s something I could never pass up! Not to mention, I love eating food there in front of his electric fireplace. I don’t know why, but I love that thing, even in the Summer months! It’s just mesmerizing plus He has a large screen TV on the top of the mantle, so it’s absolutely the perfect location to relax, however anyway, everybody gathered around the fireplace after every one of us ate some enjoyable food, I was thankful for that at least. Then everybody started saying why they were upset about me. It seemed so lame to me plus I kept protesting against everybody talking all this crap about me. They told me that our beach house was in a bad state of disrepair plus I needed to get help fixing up the location. They said I was looking something savor a hoarder with things scattered all around our beach house plus I needed to throw everything out. Well, I was just organizing everything, it was just taking me longer than I planned. I also didn’t want to throw out most of that stuff because it has passionate value to me. I love our collection of outdated dial control units for instance, they don’t make them savor they used to! That’s another thing, they said I should be using a current smart control component so I can save on our energy bills. It’s absolutely not all about the money to me, but I don’t guess our family plus friends get it.


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