Important to clean the air

It’s funny because I used to drive our folks deranged by consistently complaining about the air quality when it was bad.

I never could lay seeing dust floating in the air because I felt appreciate it was going right into our mouth and eyup, and I didn’t appreciate that! When they asked how they were supposed to improve the air quality to our liking, I told our mother she should vacuum more often to suck up all the excess dirt and debris.

I told our father he should have the Heating and A/C professionals clean the air duct system and the two of us should invest in a quality media air cleaner. My parents just stared at me for a moment and then started laughing. They asked why I was worried about such things when I was just a child. I tried to tell them that having fine air quality is important for our health, however they just shrugged it off. The best our father would do was invest in air filters that had slightly better MERV ratings than the ones he was previously using. Admittedly, that small change improved the air quality a lot. I also talked our father into getting the air duct cleaning done a little later, and that helped a lot in improving the air quality also, even though he wouldn’t get this lake house service done easily often. These days in our own home, I consistently have the best air quality possible. I use HEPA filters and a UV media air cleaner. It’s funny because our parents say to me these days, “Why didn’t you tell us how to get such exceptional air quality?” Hey, I tried to tell them long ago!

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