Spicy foods and a/c

When I had our buddies over for a gathering the other day, our mouth was on fire when I tried the buffalo dip that our one neighbor brought over. Some people enjoyed the dip, others couldn’t handle it. I was in the group that couldn’t handle it, though I easily tried. My mouth was easily on fire though so I had to drink ice-chilly drinks and rest in front of the A/C vent in our house. My buddy was calling me a baby for not being able to handle the spicy dip. I mean honestly, I don’t mind a little spiciness however I like a more medium spicy level so that I don’t guess appreciate our mouth is on fire and I have trouble breathing! Later on when I beat our buddy in a game of budweiser pong, he challenged me to try some of his buffalo dip again if I thought I was such a winner. I had to believe about it for a minute,and then I accepted his challenge; First though, I pulled our iPhone out to adjust the temperature control settings through the smart temperature control. I made sure the A/C was ice-chilly before anticipating our mouth being on fire again. Somebody else also said it helped if I drank a lot of milk to quell the flaming mouth feeling, so I got a cup of milk ready to go. I chomped down on the snacks and dip appreciate a champ this time around and with the A/C just right and a cup of milk, I realized it wasn’t that bad! I easily did guess appreciate the champ that evening, and even our buddy said I got him. He said next time, he was going to use ghost peppers instead of jalapenos and cayenne pepper.



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