They really don’t need to be talking trash about my life

I honestly wasn’t too thrilled when I was invited to a cookout, and everybody ended up talking trash about the way I kept up with my property.

I never talked trash to any of my family and friends, and it made me wonder if I could even call some of those people friends. They said that I had too much junk around my home and I needed to clean everything up. I had a few old trailers on my property, but I didn’t see what the issue was. I was planning on fixing them up and selling them. I also have a bunch of older cars on my property, but I work on them and I sell old parts to make money. I have HVAC systems scattered here and there, but I think everything is pretty organized with all my HVAC parts and components. I have people come out all the time to take a look at HVAC parts they need, and I swear that’s where I make most of my money. Still, my family and friends act like my property is some kind of eyesore, yet I see a lot of treasures. I don’t even think the inside of my home is badly kept. Perhaps I could dust a little more, but they tell me I need better air filters for better air quality and I should upgrade my HVAC system altogether. I’m the type of guy with the mentality that if it ain’t broke, you don’t have to fix it. Nothing is broken in my home. I don’t mind using my old dial thermostat, it does its job! They think I need to upgrade to a programmable or smart thermostat, and I think that’s entirely out of the question to spend money on things I don’t need!

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