Airflow problems with the ductwork

I suppose I had rats in my attic recently and they chewed up some of my air duct, causing lots of problems with lost air flow out of my vents.

I’ve since gotten rid of the rats, I hope, however now I am left with the mess of repairing all of the ducts where they were feasting.

I suppose they basically ate into the duct tape on the joints and now I need to get an A/C tech out here to repair all of the seams. I suppose there is enough room up there to work but there is no way that I am going to do it myself as I am claustrophobic and deathly afraid of small spaces adore attics. The local business which specializes in A/C repair and repair is located unquestionably close to my flat so I will just walk over and try to set up an appointment for them to come out and get me back to nice again here. It is dummer and my cooling system has been running a lot to try and keep up with cooling down my flat. I know I am spending a lot of money on power bills and have the rats to thank for that. Maybe I can send them the bill. I’m sure rats have chewed through multiple people’s air ducts and caused the same problems with theirs so I don’t suppose I am alone on this. It still doesn’t change the fact that those rats have caused me a lot of problems. Next time I’ll let my cats loose in the attic.


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