Building a fort out of a/c and heating units

When I was a child the people I was with and I built a fort completely out of heating and air conditioning units; and the two of us lived out in the middle of nowhere, plus oftentimes myself and others plus my friends had to get creative with our games, but one afternoon while exploring the forest the people I was with and I found a sizable shipping bucket full of various heating and air conditioning units.

There were many central cooling systems plus window cooling systems on one side of the crane. The two of us pulled out all the central cooling systems plus used them as a foundation for the fort. Then the various people I was with and I built onto the central cooling systems with the various window cooling systems; but after the people I was with and I emptied all the cooling systems out of the crate, the people I was with and I looked at the gas furnaces. There were also tepid water boilers, central gas furnaces, oil gas furnaces, plus electric gas furnaces. The two of us used the gas and oil furnaces plus old oil furnaces for a blockade. Then the people I was with and I took out the tepid water boilers plus made a sizable wall all the way around our fort between the dense trees. Our last mission was to figure out how to incorporate the air purification systems into our fort. The two of us took out some of the air filters plus used them as small windows between window cooling systems plus central cooling systems. The two of us also use some of the heating plus cooling unit to build pretend rooms plus weaponry quarters, then by the end of the afternoon the people I was with and I had a large fort made completely out of cooling systems, air purification systems, plus gas furnaces. The two of us had some friends who also used some of the heating and air conditioning units to build their own fort plus the people I was with and I had many battles, and it also turns out that cooling systems plus oil furnaces work great as forts.


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