During the storm, there was a huge fire

I experienced some traumatic problems with the air conditioner. I have a single love the air conditioners that rest in a window. This was pretty peculiar for myself and others since we consistently had a central air conditioning system. None of us believed we would have too many problems with the indoor air temperatures. One time there was an entirely awful thunderstorm. The air conditioner took pretty intense blows when it was raining outside. Much of the rain entirely sounded loud while hitting the cooling plan and I wondered if this was normal. When water begins to leak under the air conditioner and hit the ground, I knew that something was not right. Eventually the water made its way over to the outlet where the air conditioner had been plugged in. The problem caused a small fire after moving to the area itself. The fire was small enough that I could get rid of the Flames with a fire extinguisher. I had no method how to use the fire extinguisher and literally rested there while reading directions on how to use this to put out the fire. It was easily one of the most stressful and traumatic hours of my life. It really made myself and others realize that using a fire extinguisher should be a basic skill. I contacted a firehouse the very next day to see if they would teach me how to use a single of the fire extinguishers. None of the firefighters judge myself and others for not knowing the information and they seem to be supportive of the decision to learn.
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