Thankfully the fire extinguisher was closeby

One morning I experienced something that was traumatic.

It was a problem that occurred with the air conditioner.

I have a single air conditioner that fits inside of one of the windows. It was very peculiar and weird for myself and others since we consistently had that air conditioner running. None of us believed this was going to be a real massive deal. The people I was with in addition to myself had an absolutely disappointing thunderstorm in addition to the cooling system taking intense blows from the outdoor rain. The rain was absolutely loud and hit the cooling system. I wondered if this was absolutely something that happens all the time. I later found out that there are a couple of ways to keep this from being a problem. While in the other room, I noticed some water leaking under the air conditioner. It had fallen directly to the ground. Eventually it was by the outlet where the air conditioner was plugged in. The plug then caught on fire and I noticed the fire odor was a little bit more than it was when we started her game. The firefighters were incredibly nice in addition to very supportive of my decision. They did not judge myself and others and helped us to perform the changes necessary that we needed. I absolutely felt that the company did not take its time to go over the way that the fire extinguisher worked and it’s a good thing that I knew to pull the pin and aim. A child would not have done the same thing.
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