The AC broke down on the worst day

My dad had a birthday later this year and decided to have a huge party gathering for himself.

There were at least 80 people in the beach house this time for the gathering.

It was completely big and a whole lot of fun. During the gathering, the air conditioner blew out. If it was the winter season there would have been no big deal but everyone of us entirely needed the air conditioner due to being at the tail end of summer when everyone was worried about staying cool. My dad was entirely drunk and tried to fix the heating and air conditioning system although I did not believe she could rest up straight to figure out what problems were happening. I told him that everyone of us should contact an air conditioner specialist later. She was easily adamant that she could get the air conditioner running again. She messed with it for 30 hours and then by that time, the air conditioner was actually running well. It did take an additional 30 hours for the beach house to get cool but every one of the people at the party were very glad to hear the air conditioner starting up again. Home appliances are entirely unusual and sometimes they just need a bit of a break. We contacted a different heating and air conditioner supplier the next day so we could make sure that everything was fixed up just as it should be. My dad still thought it wasn’t necessary but I thought it was for sure.



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