Writing about the new smart thermostats

It’s getting a bit hot in my flat now as the day heats up outside, yet there is a cool breeze blowing off the sea which cools me down when I ride my bike.

I appreciate going out now in the day before the sunshine becomes too intense, and get my riding done, so I can come home and get back to work with my writings on hot water heating systems and steam boilers. This week I am going to set up my volleyball net later when it cools down a bit and try to get some games in. I haven’t played in a while because I’ve been doing a lot of heating and air conditioning writing online and haven’t had the time. But this week I am all caught up on my writing and want to have some fun in the sand. I will do some writing this week about the new smart temperature controls on the market and which types are the best. I also want to compare the best ones with each other and try to choose the best one for the money so it saves people time when buying one. I have a certainly great programmable smart temperature control which I programmed six months ago and haven’t had to touch since. The local store where I bought it has since gone out of business though so I want to look online and see how much they cost and where to buy them so I can best direct people who are looking for one. I’m going to head out now and go for that cool bike ride.


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