Free dinner vouchers because lack of A/C

My wife and I went to a hotel to stay for a couple of afternoons.

We were having the house fumigated and we had to get a hotel close to work.

We could have stayed at a cheap place close to the interstate, we saw this as an opportunity to easily get away from the house and relax in unusual settings. We stayed in an easily nice area close to the river with a suite that had a Jacuzzi. All of us figured if we were going to stay in a hotel, it would be something nice with amenities that we don’t have at home. We don’t have an indoor heated pool at home and we don’t have a Jacuzzi either. We checked into the hotel room on a Sunday day. The lobby of the hotel was seriously warm and humid, and it didn’t feel like there was any air conditioner running at all in the lobby. Other people were angry too. The lady at the concierge desk was giving people free vouchers left and right because of the concerns with the air conditioner in the lobby. Thankfully the troubles were not the same once we reached our room. All of us didn’t easily have any trouble at all with the A/C device inside of the room. We spent several afternoons at the hotel! When we were getting ready to leave, the hotel was finally doing something about the trouble with the a/c. I don’t know why they waited so long to have the issue fixed, I’m guessing they gave away a lot of free food during the trouble.


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