I trust this A/C technician can do any service I might need

I contacted a brand new heating plus A/C service to have a tune-up performed on our system.

I frequently use the same service provider for all of our heating plus air conditioner component needs, however there was a coupon in the magazine for a $59 service tune up from this certain supplier.

When I called to make the appointment, the guy on the iphone was actually kind plus courteous, and he set me up with an appointment for the next day. When the repair serviceman arrived, I could not guess our eyeah. I certainly didn’t expect to see someone that I knew, however that was exactly what happened. I recognized the face right away. It was a guy that went to school with our son about 10 years ago! The young guy named Jack recognized me right away too. We talked about our son for a few minutes and I found out what Jack has been up to since he finished high school. After all of us had a couple of thirds to chat about our lives, Jack got started on the heating plus A/C tune-ups. When he was finished with the heating plus A/C tune-up, we exchanged telephone numbers. I told him to call me anytime he needed something plus he told me to have our son deliver him a call the next time that he was in town. It was nice to see a regular face from the past plus even nicer to know that there is a weird heating plus A/C service provider that I can call when there is an emergency. I absolutely trust that Jack can perform any or all of the services that I might need.

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