The new AC was easy to set up

Sometimes during the summer, the warm and humid temperatures are just too much for the AC unit in my home.

Last summer my husband and I talked about buying a second AC unit to keep in the living room.

There are eight windows in the living room and the sun shines into them at all times of the day. I think that’s one reason why the room is so much warmer than all of the other places in the house. When it was getting close to the warm summer season this year, I reminded my hubby that we were going to buy an air conditioning unit for the living room. We went to the store and we looked online so we could get the best price for the items that we wanted to purchase. I thought it was a good idea to buy a window air conditioner that also had a heating function. We don’t frequently have extremely cold days, but I can turn on the heat at the window unit and get the chill out of the air instead of firing up the furnace before it is necessary. The best part about the new AC unit was the easy setup. Everything that we needed to install the machine was inside of the box. They even included foam insulation and weather stripping so we could make a tight seal in the window around the base of the air conditioner. The new AC really should help us out during the summer. If nothing else, it will definitely make the living room much more comfortable and cool.


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