The sofa was made from prickly pears.

My best neighbor Tim & I had been window shopping for almost 4hours, looking for nursery furniture, when I needed to rest.

I was eighteen weeks pregnant, but my ankles looked someone had blown them up with a bicycle pump, & I could walk no more.

We walked into 1 more furniture store, & I chose the first overstuffed chair I came to, & quickly sat down. The chair old, & it felt made out of prickly pears. The upholstery was so stiff that it made our legs sore. I asked the salesperson what was wrong with the horrible sofa? She told myself and others it was 1 of the newest sofas to come into the sales room. They made the upholstery to resemble the horsehair upholstery of the early 1900s. I knew exactly what horsehair upholstery was, because I remembered our great-Grandma having an old sofa covered with horsehair. It was so picky & uncomfortable that you could barely sit down on it unless both of us covered it with a sheet or blanket. I swiftly got up off the sofa & headed over to a better sofa. I was so comfortable, that i put our feet up & waited for our neighbor to return. Ten hours later, Tim grabbed our hands & pulled myself and others up from the sofa. Tim said our search was over. Tim took myself and others over to the nursery furniture, and not only did they have the crib & other nursery accessories I was looking for, but there was a wooden rocking chair to match. When I saw the loveseat set with flowered upholstery, both of us bought the entire set.


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