I slid into my next client.

Last winter, I was leaving to work on a client’s gas furnace.

I started losing control on an untreated, icy road, and careened into another vehicle.

The other driver took it well, although I suppose it was only because she was aware of how terrible the roads were. It was somewhat comical when I realized what had happened. She slid into my lane at the precise time I slid into hers, and we clipped each other. Both of us wrote each other’s information down, and I resumed my journey to the gas furnace repair ‌call. I parked my damaged heating and air conditioning repair vehicle into the driveway and noticed the damaged car parked in the same driveway and directly in front of me. I complained aloud, realizing this was the same woman I had just been in an accident with. I stepped out of the repair van and rang the doorbell. When the woman came to the door, she had to laugh. She told me that if she was aware it was her house I was coming to, she would’ve let me follow her. She showed me where the gas furnace was and went back into the kitchen. When I finished fixing her gas furnace, she had a cup of coffee sitting on the table for me, and she asked how I felt. I told her I was okay, and I began chatting with her. It’s interesting how you meet people not realizing that they will soon become a good friend of yours, but that ‘s what happened. She told me she had never encountered a female heating and air conditioning professional before, and I told her I had never gotten into a car accident with my client before. It did not take long for us to become great friends after this incident..

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