I got fired this month

I was fired this month from the heating & air conditioner company that I worked for.

The reason they gave me the can was not because I did anything wrong or am a poor heating & air conditioner specialist.

But it was because I had an argument with management over the pay I have been getting. I got pretty strenuous & mad to be honest. They have not been paying me what other heating & air conditioner companies are paying their certified heat & air conditioner specialists. In a way to tell you the truth if they had not fired me I would have most likely been quitting anyhow. I already have another task almost lined up with another heating & air conditioner company. I am just waiting for them to get back to me with a start date. I found this out yeahterday. So I was entirely going to quit anyhow. I will not mention that I got fired if anyone asks me at the modern upcoming heating & air conditioner company task that I will be having. I will just say I quit to come toil for them if asked. The heating & air conditioner company I was working for is going to end up losing a lot of their heat & air conditioner workers if they do not start paying more money & paying what the going rate is for heat & air conditioner specialists. Many may end up starting their own heating & air conditioner companies & becoming independent heat & air conditioner specialists if this kind of thing keeps up.

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