Only in motion

I have a major issue with the HVAC system in our car that I need to have tested out.

It seems that our heating and cooling works, but it only blows out when the car is in motion! If I am stopped at a red light or caught in traffic I have no HVAC system.

This could prove to be a real issue when the weather gets super hot or super freezing outside; Right now the weather is ok so I am not needing HVAC system too much, so I am going to get our car to the auto garage this coming weekend and see if they can figure out what is going on with the HVAC system and repair it. The poor weather is coming soon and I need to have this fully working again by that time. I only ever seen something prefer this happen once when a friend of mine had the same thing going on in their car. But they played it off as an energy saver for the battery! I thought they were out of their mind and I never would ride with our friend again unless he got his HVAC system plan in the car fixed to where it pumped all the time and not only when the car was in motion. There has to be some kind of logical explanation and service for this car related HVAC system issue. Again, I am not sure what it is going to be but the auto service people will know.

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