What were they doing?

I was seeing the TV the other night and I saw a commercial for some HVAC system company advertising their heat and cooling system up-to-date home services.

They were showing everything that the HVAC system specialist does.

One thing I did not assume what they were doing was at 1 point in this commercial they were honestly washing the central HVAC system plan component with a water hose! I have never seen that done before. I wonder what that was for? I assume hosing down your central HVAC system plan component after a messy storm may be a nice idea just so it isn’t honestly dirty, but why would a HVAC system specialist be doing this? I almost wanted to call the HVAC system company that was on the commercial and ask them! It honestly interested me. Was it just for show to look cool or was this something that has to do with HVAC system service that I do not assume about? I honestly would prefer to find this out. Maybe I will just ask our own HVAC system specialist about it the next time they come to do some work on our own central HVAC system plan unit. I do not know. But I honestly wanna assume what was going on! Heating and cooling systems are a mystery to me, I only assume how to turn them off, turn them on and follow up with all the HVAC system service that needs to be done on the heating and cooling units.

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