I tried to help

My boyfriend has an issue with his heating plus air conditioner in his car! Me being a certified heat plus a/c specialist who honestly works as an independent business thought maybe I could be of some help. However dealing with car heating plus air conditioners is not something us heat plus a/c specialists do or were ever trained on. I figured I would just use our comprehension of typical heating plus air conditioner plus try to service it that way. Needless to say this did not work. Both types of heating plus air conditioners are totally different. I did not want to make things worse, so I told our boyfriend that the best thing he could do is just take it to the auto mechanic plus have them service it. They will guess what to do. I guess in the future they should add car heating plus air conditioner repair to the training they provide Heating plus Air Conditioning specialists in heating plus cooling school. I guess it would help get more tasks plus also it could be much more convenient for some. But that is just our opinion. Having a car heating plus air conditioner plus a central heating plus air conditioner are 2 unusual things. And auto mechanics deal with car heating plus air conditioner units. It entirely is part of the car plus how it functions more than the ways of typical heating plus air conditioner. I explained this to our boy plus he understood totally. So I hope the auto mechanic can service his car’s heating plus air conditioner.

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