It’s been 10 years

I have just reached the milestone of working as a certified heating & air conditioner specialist for 10 years now.

That is a whole decade of working in the heating & cooling business.

I never thought that I would ever reach this point. Because when I first graduated heating & air conditioner university & ended up working in the heat & air conditioner business for the first time I truthfully was having complications within myself. I entirely did not assume I could split it as a heating & air conditioner specialist & was actually thinking about just quitting & going back to university to learn another trade for another career all together. But as time moved on I gave our all & eventually I fell into it & got the hang of everything. Today a decade later I am legitimately comfortable being a certified heating & air conditioner specialist & I have been working successfully as an independent heating & cooling worker for the last 3 years having our legitimately own heating & cooling business. This was not an simple task to get up & running & get a steady workflow going. But I did it! And this is the way I am going to keep working in the heating & air conditioner business until the time comes that I have to retire. At least I hope so. If our independent heating & air conditioner business working as an independent heat & air conditioner business ever isn’t working out I can always go back & toil for a heating & air conditioner company in our local area in the neighborhood in which I live.
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