Air filters need to be changed frequently

I respect my boss at the HVAC corporation, we consistently have provided unbelievable repair to all the clients! Unfortunately in recent times, the corporation has been struggling.

Because of this, we have to sell more heat and A/C products.

One thing the boss has been focusing on a lot lately are these special air filters that are designed to remove smells from the air! They really do work well, they have to be changed every single month, however some of the air filters come in different scents too which supplies a pleasant aroma to the entire living area which is nice. So I have been telling all of the clients about these charming air filters. They have a high MERV rating so they are unbelievable for people who have dust sensitivities, then while I can’t sell everybody on different heat and A/C products like that, a lot of people have chosen to go for these special air filters, and it’s cool to see what they have to say about the products! Most people say they like the air filters and don’t mind changing them on a frequent basis. They are reasonably priced I must say and I’m blissful that a lot of people are benefiting from improved air quality in their homes. While I don’t love to pressure people into buying different products from the HVAC dealer, I do understand why the boss pushes us to do this, however if we want to keep our tasks, we have to work hard to sell heat and A/C products to people. Maybe eventually, businesses will pick up more and we won’t have to focus so much on being sales people instead of HVAC professionals, but I still know that we do a lot to help out the community.

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