Anyone remember this?

I was thinking the other day about older heating and air conditioning technology and I remembered something that did not last very long.

  • But it was sort of an early version of some of the things a smart thermostat does.

And this was a remote controlled thermostat. Does anyone remember these? They were not on the heating and air conditioning market very long but I was one of the people who bought a remote controlled thermostat. It was just like the smart thermostat I have now in terms of being able to control it from anywhere in your house or if you were on your couch in another room. Of course you could not control your central heating and air conditioning system from virtually anywhere like a smart thermostat because the remote control would only work within your home. But this was a great concept that eventually ended up becoming the much more advanced smart thermostat. As a matter of fact when they first came out with the smart thermostats I ended up buying it because it was like having the remote controlled thermostat that I used to have which I loved very much. It ended up breaking on me and since they did not make them anymore, I was not able to buy another one. I ended up going with a digital thermostat after that until they made the invention of the smart thermostat some years later. But today I have my smart thermostat and I love it very much. It is very convenient and it is also a great energy saver.


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