Because i am loyal

I got the biggest surprise from my local heating and air conditioning company the other day.

I got in the mail a free voucher for free heating and air conditioning repair! It is good for up to 2 years if my central heating and air conditioning system ever breaks down in that time.

This is a value of possibly over three hundred bucks or more. The reason they mailed these to certain customers was to say thank you for being a loyal customer for several years. I guess being a steady customer to this heating and cooling company has its benefits. You never see heat and a/c companies giving away free heating and air conditioning repair. This is something way different! I really appreciate it too. It shows that this heat and air conditioning business really values their customers and every so often will give out major free stuff like this. This is not the first either. This is just the biggest in terms of value. The last time they gave a free voucher for something was when they sent out ones to get free HVAC tune up and check ups a few years back. That was nice as well, but not nearly worth as much as a complete free heating and air conditioning system repair. Things like this keep me using this heat and a/c company and I will continue to use them because they are so great. They have good prices as it is and then their heating and air conditioning specialists are very nice and really do their jobs to the fullest. I could not ask for anything more.
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