I quit my job

I just quit my job recently and got a new one. The reason I quit was one you won’t hear about every single day. I actually quit because the place in which I worked had the worst central heating and air conditioning! Having pure indoor discomfort was finally getting to me after about 8 months of them not doing anything about it. I was able to handle and deal with the lack of heating in the winter because I would just bundle up while I was at work as if I was going outside in the cold. But when the super hot summer heat came it is not like I could have stripped down naked at work! After about a month of the super bad heat and seeing that they were going to do nothing to fix their central heating and air conditioning system I one day just out the clear blue of nowhere walked into the management office, said I quit and walked out the door. I went home and cranked my own central air conditioning to cool off from the really bad heat. I ended up getting a new job doing the same thing I do at another office within a few weeks and I am happy there now. And to add to it, they have quality working air conditioning as a business should! I am sure there will be others that quit my old job as well because of the bad heating and air conditioning system. But all I know is that I am free of all that now and I am very comfortable at my new job.

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