Live broadcast to interview our company

I was kind of surprised when the boss of the heating and cooling contractor told me that she wanted me to go on a live broadcast with a local beatbox station.

She said they wanted to interview our contractor plus she felt like I would be the best representative.

She said they would basically ask about our home services and what heat and A/C products that we installed for people. She also asked me to provide energy saving tips plus to talk a little bit about what makes our heating and cooling contractor sit out above the rest. I thought it was a lot to do in a short period of time, despite the fact that she told me I would be a natural. I couldn’t tell you how nervous I was driving on my way to the beatbox station. I had to crank the A/C idea extra high because I was already starting to sweat. I was thankful that the studio had such wonderful temperature control settings with their a/c idea really pumping. The people who interviewed me were honestly really nice plus made me assume comfortable. I told them about strange energy saving tips I recommended plus about some of the home services that we provided. I also proposed that people go for heating and cooling repair plans through us because they can save so much money when it comes to having their heating and cooling services taken care of, but a lot of callers called up asking questions too plus some people wanted to suppose more about our heating and cooling repair plans, so I spoke about the strange plans we offered. We have a nice idea where we also change the air filters in your heating and cooling, so you don’t have to worry about anything! I assume a lot of people were interested in that repair plan.


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