The Worst Teaching Time Ever

If you have ever known a teacher, you have probably known a person who complains about their job.

Most people go into teaching with very good intentions, but oftentimes they become disillusioned very early in their careers.

In fact, history has shown that over 50% of the teachers in our state leave the teaching profession within five years. Personally, I was able to stay in teaching for 10 years. Unfortunately, that was only because I was unable to use my Summers to find another job for the previous 4 years. Yes, for four years, I searched for another job. Despite the fact that I stayed in teaching for 10 years, there is one time that sticks out in my mind as the worst teaching time ever. That was the year that the HVAC system went on the fritz. Our high school had two main buildings plus the gymnasium. I worked in what was called the old building. The entire English Department was housed in that building Oh, and that was the building where the heating and cooling system completely died out. We started school in August, which is the hottest month of the year around here, and we definitely need air conditioning. Unfortunately, the maintenance people were unable to get the AC working in time for school to start. Therefore, our only option was to use box fans. My classroom had only one box fan and had absolutely no AC running. Not only that, I had had surgery over the summer, and I was still recovering. I had a huge suture site across my abdomen oh, and it was always gross with sweat because there was simply no air conditioning. It really dampened my chance to heal. Then, when winter came, the HVAC unit was still broken, and we all had to wear gloves and jackets in the classroom. The year without HVAC was the worst year of my teaching career.