This was not expected

I was pretty happily surprised when my landlord contacted me at the house I am renting and told me that he was going to be having a whole home air purification system installed! This was not something I would ever expect from a landlord.

Usually you are lucky if you even can have a halfway decent working central heating and air conditioning system.

But getting a whole home air purification system installed really shows that my landlord is one of a kind and not your usual slumlord so to speak that you expect when renting a home. The heating and air conditioning company that he is buying the whole home air purification system from is set to come out next Monday in the afternoon to do the installation of the whole home air purification system. My landlord even worked it out with me for a time that I would be at home! Most landlords would make your life a living hell with something like this and make you miss time from work to be around for things like this. I really have to say that I hit the jackpot in home rentals with this landlord. It is a shame that I have to move at the end of this lease as I am going to be taking a job out of state next year. Otherwise I would stay here because this house is great and the landlord is great! I know I will never find a place again that has such a great landlord and a great heating and air conditioning system as well as now a whole home air purification system that is about to be installed!


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