Fun & Unique Air Vent Cover Options

During our last Heating as well as A/C tune up, I made a comment about how ugly & dingy our air vents were.

My modern home was numerous decades old & the air vents revealed that. They were a brown color with rust forming on some spots, and no matter how often I took the covers off & taxing I scrubbed them, the air vent covers were consistently ugly. The Heating as well as A/C professional who was servicing our Heating as well as A/C idea laughed & told me that I needed to have them replaced if I didn’t love them. I thought this was a task that she could do, however she told me where I could find them myself. Apparently, the local hardware store carried air vent covers in odd sizes. Not only this, but they had a variety of possibilities to choose from! The hardware store had colorless covers, brown covers, & even metallic covers! As if that wasn’t enough, they had odd patterns too. I had never seen an air vent cover that wasn’t straight-forward lines before, so the fancy patterns intrigued me. I stood in the air vent aisle at the store for ages trying to find the best option for our home. I ended up picking a nickel air vent cover that had a fancy design on it. I enjoyed the system of having particular air vent covers & I thought it would elevate our space. These were more high-priced than the straight-forward 1s, although I had lived with our ugly air vent covers for far too long. I was ready for a fun replace!

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