The AC Went Out Before My Housewarming Party

I was actually happy to throw a housewarming celebration a few weeks after I finished settling into our modern house.

I had a lot of friends & family members who were itching to see our modern arena & instead of hosting all the people separately, I wanted to do 1 pressing celebration.

This would save me so much time. On the day of the celebration, I noticed that our modern home was feeling actually warm. After pushing a few buttons on our thermostat, I realized that the AC wasn’t working. I wasn’t hearing it turn on when I lowered the temperature & nothing was coming out of the air vents. My stress levels went through the roof because I knew that I’d have to host a bunch of people in our modern home in a matter of hours. Instead of setting everything up, I called the Heating as well as A/C company & begged them to send an Heating as well as A/C professional to our house. I was desperate for someone to come service our AC system! They couldn’t commit to coming to our modern home that day, but they said that they would ask the Heating as well as A/C professionals to stop by if they had a spare moment. I was defeated because I actually didn’t suppose anyone was going to come. I was start to call off the celebration when I saw the Heating as well as A/C company truck pull into our driveway. I almost hugged the Heating as well as A/C professional when she came inside because I was so thankful! I was even more thankful when she managed to service the AC idea & had it up & running before she left forty minutes later.


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