The Temperature These Days is Too Inconsistent

I always find this time of year to be really difficult when heating and cooling my house.

The temperature is so inconsistent that it’s difficult to keep my beach house at a comfortable and consistent temperature. I love the cooler weather during the end of the summer time because it’s a nice change after intense heat and humidity, but, it makes things challenging on my Heating and A/C system. During the early days, I have to turn my oil furnace on because my beach house is cold. A few hours after waking up though, I have to turn my oil furnace off because the temperature is perfect outside and I’m able to cool my beach beach house naturally. During this time, I respectfully open some windows to let the fresh air circulate inside. By dinnertime, I have to shut all the windows and turn on the because it’s too hot. My will run for a few hours and then I’m back to turning on my oil furnace because the temperature begins to drop around dinnertime. It’s a constant cycle that lasts for almost a month. I do not know the inconsistent temperature helps with my energy consumption either because I’m always needing to power something on or off. My and oil furnace need to completely reboot after they’ve been turned off for more than 2 hours and that requires a lot of energy. I find myself longing for a consistent temperature so that I can leave my oil furnace or on so my beach house isn’t a weird temperature every time.

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