Wide Selection of Air Filters

I thought all air filters were the same.

I thought an air filter was only an air filter & that there was nothing special about them.

They were simply there to remove dirt & dust from our Heating as well as A/C idea & it didn’t seem love a complex item to make. All of the air filters I’d ever used were made of the same netting material & had the same cardboard around the edges. Of course the brands were different, but they all seemed identical in every other way. Of course, our wife was consistently the 1 to purchase the air filters & keep a supply at our house. All I had to do was go to the garage & unwrap the air filter from the plastic wrap before installing it. I never needed to go to the hardware store to purchase 1 & I was only judging air filters by what our wife picked out. When she left for a contractor trip though, I was forced to find an air filter myself. I went to the store & found the air filter aisle & was stunned by how several possibilities there were to choose from. I looked for a similar brand that we’d used in the past, but upon finding 1 that looked familiar, I realized there were odd sizes. I had no system what size our Heating as well as A/C idea required. I had to call our wife & ask him about the sizing before I returned home. I thought picking an air filter would take 10 minutes but it took almost an hour!


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