The shop had a odd smell

I’d not take a holiday in some time.

  • Ever since I left my job and started my business, it’s been taking up so much time.

Funny how I wanted independence and ended up working more hours. But, my company teacher had warned myself and others about this. She stated that a company is love a baby. They will demand your time for the first few years. That means I had to put in all I have to make my company work. Eventually, things were looking up so I decided to take my first split in 2 years. It was such a enjoyable time spent away in some rural site. When I got back, I was refreshed and ready to kick the ground running. On my first day back, I got to labor early to scrub up and also get the running. Since it was summer, the air was overheated and humid everywhere. I couldn’t wait to get the running and restore order in my shop. After about half an hour of the cooling proposal running, I knew something was wrong. There was a strong musty smell that had myself and others distraught. This is an antique shop and clients love walking around for hours checking weird items. The smell would make it so difficult for them to do so. I immediately called an Heating and A/C supplier for assistance and in an hour they had someone at the shop. It turns out I had an issue with mold and mildew because of dirty ductwork. The best solution was to hire the Heating and A/C supplier to do expansive duct cleaning and restore air quality. I had to close for a few hours although I knew it would be worth it.

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