Alice could no longer work in her beach modern home office

Alice enjoys working from home. When the pandemic hit, it took time to adjust to the modern way of life. Alice had grown up knowing she had to be in an office to work in her career. But, all that changed as the world was forced to adopt a modern normal. Her company was among those that embraced the whole work-from-beach modern home culture. In the start, she’d get all dressed up to work in her beach modern home office. But, all that changed into working in her pjs & only wearing an typical top for video calls. This past summer, Alice had to stop her stressed day to take care of her a/c. Her company has grown & now Alice manages more accounts. Being so busy, Alice forgot 1 important step before turning on the air conditioner in summer. She failed to PC the AC contractor & hire an expert to check her system. By mid-summer, it was unbearably boiling & humid outside. This meant Alice was relying on her a/c to stay comfortable in her stressed beach modern home office. But, 1 day, she noticed her space was feeling warmer. This went on & each passing day it seemed the air conditioner was failing to work properly. Alice could no longer work in her beach modern home office or sit comfortably in the other rooms. She had to PC an AC contractor & have an expert solve the issue. AC repair is essential & the AC expert made sure Alice understood this when she came by. The air filter was plugged with dirt & grime which made it taxing for the unit to keep cooling her home. Changing it made a pressing difference.
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