Improving the Function of My Ductless Mini Split Unit

I’ve always been really impressed with the ductless mini split machine that I have in my basement, i was hesitant about having it installed in the first place because it wasn’t what I was used to for a heat and air source, but it came highly advised . I was used to having a single thermostat and a central Heating and A/C system, but the ductless machine was slightly different. Instead of having ductwork and more than 2 air vents, there was 1 machine and 1 sizable air vent linked to the machine that produced both heat and air. Instead of a thermostat, there was a tiny remote that controlled the settings and a simple screen that flaunted the temperature… When the ductless mini split machine was installed, I had no proposal how it was going to heat and cool my basement, but it surprised me, but once I adjust the temperature on the ductless mini split machine via the remote, it doesn’t take long for the component to suddenly begin producing air… Recently, I noticed that the ductless machine was really struggling to produce cool air and my basement was feeling warm; Knowing this, I turned off the machine and I looked for the air filter. Once located, I detachd the air filter and washed it off! There was a ton of dust stuck to it and it was clogging up the entire unit. Once I replaced the air filter, I turned on the ductless machine again and kept an eye on it! Cleaning the air filter really improved the air quality and the overall function of my ductless mini split unit.

a/c professional