Paying For a Gym Membership For The Air

One of the reasons I spend our money for a monthly gym membership is because it’s located in an section with a/c. I’m a cardio girl, so I stick to mostly running, biking, & the elliptical. When people realize this about me, they question why I spend our money for a monthly gym membership when I could technically do those activities outside or in our own home. I consistently give them the same response by mentioning the a/c. I hate basing our exercise off of the weather because it’s consistently inconsistent & unreliable. If there is a heat wave, I don’t want to run outside. If it’s raining, I don’t want to bike outside. My exercise is much more consistent when I have a gym membership with equipment indoors, then sometimes, people will ask me whether or not I’ve considered purchasing our own treadmill or bike, although I have & it doesn’t work for me either. Although I’m in our own modern home with temperature control, I can’t separate beach modern home from exercise & I found that I rarely worked out when I knew I could be doing other things. I need the physical act of leaving our modern home & putting myself at a gym where there’s nothing else to do. As soon as I walk into the gym & suppose the cool air, our body knows that it’s time to workout. I don’t get that same reaction when I’m at our own house. THer is why I continue to spend our money for a gym membership despite only doing cardio.