Correcting an HVAC miscommunication

My friends and I were planning a surprise birthday celebration for our nurturing husband! One of our friends had offered a venue in their resort for the event.

On the eve of the celebration, I checked the hall, and it was chilly inside, and I also called the guy in charge of the resort’s service and asked him to check what was wrong with the heating, ventilation and A/C system… Then he could not come up with a clear answer, so I asked him when was the last time they had an air conditioning professional conduct quality A/C repair on the electric oil furnace… When he went through his paperwork from the commercial air conditioning business, he noted that it was over two years ago when the previous director was in office; however the situation did not sit well with me, so I asked him to call the air conditioning business… But just before noon, a cooling expert arrived and set to work, then after examining the electric heat pump, he informed us it needed an oil furnace repair, and ductwork had a few leaks.

The air conditioning professional finished the repair. He handled all the matters concerning the air quality since both of us replaced the old A/C filter with a HEPA filter. He also advocated for the resort director to look into zone control systems to optimize and save energy… For instance, when the hall was not in use, it would be possible to turn off the radiant floor heating through a digital thermostat. I was so impressed by his professionalism and willingness to help us avoid such problems in the future that I asked him for his company card so that I could contact him to check out our a/c setup.


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