Different Temperature Settings Each Night

Finding the perfect temperature to sleep to is a daily struggle.

  • Between my husband and I, it’s impossible to settle on a temperature that isn’t too hot or isn’t too cold.

Very rarely, do we both get a peaceful night of rest because one of us is always tossing and turning due to an uncomfortable temperature setting. I prefer to sleep in a warmer setting. The ideal thermostat setting for the evening is 75 degrees because it’s not too hot and it’s not too cold. 75 degrees is as mild as it gets and I believe it’s a great temperature to sleep in. My husband on the other hand is the opposite. He likes to sleep in a cooler setting and if he had it his way, he’d sleep in a room that was 65 degrees. For the sake of our energy consumption and the cost of running the AC at that temperature, we never set the thermostat to 65 degrees. Instead, the lowest my husband will go is 71 degrees. There isn’t a huge gap between 71 degrees and 75 degrees, but there is definitely a physical difference in temperature. When it’s my husband’s turn to set the thermostat, I have to add numerous blankets to my side of the bed and I have to wear my winter pajamas. I usually end up tossing and turning all night because of how cold I am. My husband does the opposite when it’s my turn to set the thermostat. He uses no blankets on his side of the bed. You’d think after five years of marriage that we’d be able to figure this out.

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