Have you used a misting fan

I thought she was making a joke, although Max was totally serious

My friend Max and I decided to go to the county fair last weekend, even though it was forecasted to be seriously hot and humid. Nobody wanted to miss out on the county fair and the weekend was our only option to all attend the event together. I worked 5 mornings in a row and Saturday was my 1st opportunity to go to the county fair. I had an seriously busy month at work with lots of AC maintenance repair calls. When the temps are warmer, there are constantly more problems with the a/c equipment. I frequently work 5 to 6 mornings every month when there are several AC maintenance calls that need to be handled. While I had the morning off to go to the fair, I wasn’t going to waste it kneeling at home. My friend Max and I got tickets so all of us could ride any of the rides. I don’t prefer all of them, but a couple of the rides constantly look fun. It was hot and humid, especially while Max and I were kneeling in line waiting to go into the haunted house, Max pulled out a misting fan and attempted to use it to cool down. I thought she was making a joke, although Max was totally serious. Everyone in the line started to look at us and I told him to put the misting fan away. Max looked completely crazy for a grown lady A 25 year old girl doesn’t pull out a misting fan right in the middle of a crowded section unless she wants to inspire the wrath of the crowd.


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