HVAC Maintenance Can Be Expensive Without a Discount

Everybody knows that teachers don’t get paid much.

  • This topic is always coming up in the news and politics, so it’s no surprise when you hear a teacher talk about how underfunded the school is and her own pockets.

As a teacher myself, I can attest to this and I’m guilty of complaining about my pay to everyone who will listen. What teachers don’t talk about though, are the discounts and benefits they receive for simply choosing a career in teaching. I receive a discount at most stores and some benefits from random companies like the HVAC company in my area. The HVAC company I use has a ten percent discount on all services for teachers, military, and first responders. It took me two years to realize that there was a discount for me. Once I realized it though, I never forgot! I utilize this discount every time I call the HVAC company because HVAC maintenance can be expensive each year. Without the ten percent discount, I think I’d neglect my furnace and air conditioner because it would be hard to pay for. Biannual HVAC maintenance plus random repairs is pricey. Ten percent isn’t a huge saving, but it adds up when you have two HVAC tune ups per year. As a teacher, I’m thankful for companies who honor and respect the work I do by offering a discount. If the government can’t pay me more money for educating the future, at least some companies can cut back their costs where they can.


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