I’ve been thinking about geothermal heat pumps

Is geothermal heating worth it? This has been a question running in my mind for about 2 years.

This all started when I went to visit a friend of mine who lives in another state. She was always complaining about her heating system costing her a small fortune. My friend lives in an area that receives brutal winters that start way too early. So, while other people are only using a heating system in the evening during fall, she might need it all day. As a result, my friend had to contend with paying high energy bills every month. Eventually, she spoke with her HVAC professional about the high energy bills and asked for advice. Asking for help proved to be the right move since the HVAC professional was more than willing to help her. He taught my friend about geothermal heat pumps and geothermal heating. It’s not cheap to set up, but it does wonders when it comes to lowering energy bills. My friend took it upon herself to learn all she could about geothermal heating and knew it was her saving grace. After saving for some time, she finally had the system set up in her home. From the time the new heating system went active, I barely heard any complaints about high energy costs. My friend swears she found the best way to keep her home warm from mid-fall to the end of winter. And she no longer has to pay a small fortune for this privilege. Her positive experience with geothermal heating has me thinking I might invest in the same. The money isn’t an issue, but I’ve also been considering that this is an eco-friendly system.

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