Making all the right moves with our HVAC company

I have built this business for four years.

Our journey as a startup air conditioner machine supplier has been challenging yet rewarding.

I started with just one air conditioner professional, & now I have approximately 74 cooling experts unquestionably working for me. We are a small team but have worked to ensure our shoppers get the best quality AC service & Heating, Ventilation & A/C machines! My team & I decided it was time to grow at the end of the eighth year. We had a meeting where we worked together to figure out the supplier’s next step. We decided to buy a smaller supplier that had been struggling since the pandemic hit. When we joined operations with the small supplier, we would become a force to be reckoned with. The smaller supplier had been dealing with companies so that we would have access to commercial a/c equipment & shoppers. We had been trading in residential systems similar to the electric heat pump since we started, & now we would be able to get into the commercial market. The direction we chose for our supplier would be extremely beneficial to our growth. With the new supplier, we would also absorb the air conditioner companies with expertise in cooling products & a/c machine setup. We did our due diligence before we gained the supplier, & when satisfied with all the documents, we signed everything. To mark the merger, our first work assignment was at a university where we worked on the a/c machine for free. We fixed the ductwork & changed the AC filters for better quality HEPA filters to improve & maintain the air quality. The university had the seasoned dial temperature control units, & we updated them to digital control machines that are easier to use. The future is looking wonderful for the supplier.

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