The lady in the shop took the last portable AC

It was seriously hot and humid lately and the central AC equipment wasn’t working well enough.

I was struggling to keep up with the demand.

With temps close to 100 degrees and the humidity at 95%, the outdoor temps felt like a sauna. Inside the beach house wasn’t much better and the AC was struggling to maintain an indoor temp of 74 degrees. There were times when it did not seem like any freezing air was coming from the vents. My fiance Max and I discussed the problems with the central AC and all of us agreed to buy all new portable AC equipment for the house. Max knew it was going to cost a few hundred dollars, although I thought a portable AC equipment should be better than a window equipment simply because it is portable! During the morning, Max could use the AC in the dining room or the entryway and at night all of us could put it in our home office. It made perfect sense to buy the component on Wheels instead of the 1 that goes in the window. Max and I went to the hardware store to pick up a portable AC, then all of us walked down the aisle where they are kept and there was a woman kneeling in front of the Shelf. She was packing up the last AC equipment into her cart. My fiance and I were totally disappointed and I even offered to pay an extra $50 more for the portable AC if the woman agreed to sell it to me. She was in the same predicament as Max and I and also looking for a way to cool that beach house during those hot Summers.



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