We Can’t Control The Temperature But We Want To

Not having control over the thermostat makes the temperature of the room feel so much worse. At work, there is a single thermostat that controls the space that I work in with ten other people. Don’t get me wrong, the space is amazing and it’s comfortable for all of us to be working together under one roof. There are also a ton of other things that are available to us throughout the day that make where I work fantastic. For example, there’s an unlimited coffee bar with a barista 24/7 that’s there to keep everyone caffeinated and productive. The only thing I don’t like about my office space is the thermostat settings. There are two people in the entire building who are able to change the temperature and they rarely do. In fact, I think the only time they touch the thermostat settings are in the spring and the fall when they have to make the manual switch between the air conditioner and furnace. I don’t think I’d care about the temperature setting as much if I could actually change it myself, but there’s something so annoying about not having any control at all. The temperature setting is something that everyone in the office is always complaining about and I’ve come to realize that it’s because there’s nothing else to complain about. If we could change the temperature, I think most of us would end up changing it to the same or a similar temperature anyway. It’s the same concept of wanting what you can’t have.


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