I like running

While I try to change up my style of workout from one day to the next, running is one of my favorite exercises. I appreciate the simplicity of it. I don’t need a variety of extra gear. I’ve purchased a good quality pair of sneakers that are designed specifically for running. I experimented with several different brands before determining the ideal style for my feet. I own two identical pairs and I alternate between them. This allows the sneakers to reform in-between runs and provide maximum support for my feet. I never run two day is a row. I know that the motion puts a great deal of impact on my joints and strain on my muscles. I don’t want to develop problems with my hips, knees, ankles or feet. On the off days, I restrict myself to low impact workouts such as cycling, swimming, kayaking and strength training. I give my body a chance to rest and focus on new muscle groups. No matter the type of workout, I always begin with a lengthy warmup. I’ve learned the importance of properly loosening up my joints and stretching the muscles before any exertion. There is less chance of injury or suffering aches and pains. I make sure to thoroughly hydrate. I drink quite a bit of water before starting the run. When I go on longer routes, I wear a camel pack that allows me to hydrate throughout the run. I go through an extensive cool down at the end of it. I like that I can run almost anywhere. Whether I’m at home or on vacation, I can always find a good spot to jog.


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