They were swarming from beneath the tree.

I didn’t know there were bees in the tree when the tree trimmers came to the house.

They were supposed to cut off the limbs that were hanging over the house.

We didn’t want it to snow and have the limbs break and destroy our roof, or cause more extensive damage. When the tree trimmer showed up, he started screaming. I thought he had fallen out of the tree and immediately called 911. Lucky for us, he hadn’t fallen out of the tree, because he hadn’t gotten into the tree yet. Instead, he had disturbed a hive of bees that were living in the tree. I had seen nothing swarming, but he found them. He said he thought they were yellow jackets, but he couldn’t get too close. They had already stung once him, and he was swelling where it hit him. I was glad I had called 911 because he was having an allergic reaction. They used an EpiPen on him and took him to the hospital, while his partner drove their truck to the hospital. We had to call an exterminator to get rid of the bees before the tree trimmers would return. Once we were told there were over two thousand yellow jackets in the tree and under the ground beneath the tree, it surprised us that none of our kids had been stung. They were always playing out there, and our son had climbed the tree several times. The exterminator told us that yellow jackets will often grow their hive quickly, when they found a suitable spot, and it could have only been there a week.
Bee rescue